The teams selected participants in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations, 32 stars playing in the Saudi Roshen League and two contesting the Yellow League of top-flight clubs, among their preliminary lists, according to the official African Union account published through its official account on the social media platform “X” on Wednesday.

The official account of CAF via the “X” platform published the social media website, the list of African teams participating in the Cup of Nations, scheduled to be held in Côte d’Ivoire from 13 January to 11 February 2024.

Among the clubs in the Roshen League, damac are considered to be one of the largest to have 4 players in their ranks, among them: Algeria’s Mustafa Zaghba, his compatriot Abdelkader Badran, Nkodo striker Cameroon and the Jambi Cissa.

The club al-ahli came second, with three Cup of Nations professionals: Ivorian Casey, Senegalese Mendy and Algerian Mahrez, as well as 3 players from Abha: Cameroon Ibasi, Ikambi and Guinea Camano.
Two players from the clubs “al-wehda, al-nassr, al-hilal, al-shabab, al-hazm, al-itthad, Fayha, Fatah and al-raed”, while one player from the teams, “Tai, al-khaleej, al-taawoun and al-akhdood”, as well as two carpenters and Justice, came from the Yello League.

Morocco were the top-ranked players in the Roshin League, with 6 players in their ranks: Yassin Bono, a guard of the crescent, youth defender Roman Saiss, along with duo Javad Al-Yamiq, Munir al-Mohammadi from the unit, Mourad Patna from Al-Fatah and Abdirzak Hamdallah.

Algeria included 4 players from the Roshin League: Mustafa Zaghba, Riyadh Mahrez, Abdelkader Badran, Amir Sayyoud, the leading midfielder. Cameroon also included 4 players: Nkodo, Annamak, Ibasi from Abha and Tawamba, the attacker.

Senegal called on 4 players led by Sadio Mane of al-nassr, Koulibaly of al-hilal, Diallo of al-shabab and Edward Mendy of Al Ahly, while Côte d’Ivoire included Alhani midfielder Frank Casey, Fofana of al-nassr and Konan of El Fayha.

The Gambia team also included 3 players from Roshen: Baseh Cissa, a player who included you, Musa Barrow, altaawoun player, Padamoussi, al-hazm player, while the Egyptian duo included Ahmed Hijazi, an Etihad player, and Mohamed Sharif, al-khaleej striker.

It will be recalled that the list also included a pair of Cape Verde, Djiannini of Fatah, Julio Tavares of Pioneer, and one player from Zambia, Fashion Sakala of El Fia, as well as Mali’s Musa Dombia, who plays in the Yellow League with the justice team, which was also repeated in the list of Guinea-Bissau team.

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