The al-ettifaq club of the Saudi Roshen League has officially signed midfielder Abdul Ilah al-Maliki from the ranks of Al-Hilal in the current summer transfer window.

Maliki was transferred to Dammam on Monday to undergo routine medical examinations before joining his new club, al-ettifaq following the decision to leave the crescent.

“Al-Maliki joins the one-season al-ettiaq.”
The decision to move Abdelilah al-Maliki to the club came at the request of English coach Steven Gerrard, who demanded that the team’s midfield be strengthened next season.

On Tuesday, the Saudi international will join the Saudi Club of Accord camp in the Spanish city of Lamanga to prepare for the new football season.
Al-Hilal announced over the past days the departure of both tired warfare and Salman al-Faraj and Salih al-Shahri, as well as Abdullah al-Maliki, from the ranks of the leader, in a wide-ranging campaign by the club’s technical director Georgie Jesus, in preparation for the next season 2024-25.
The agreement had attempted to sign Maliki in the last winter transfer window, but his inability to provide financial liquidity stood up to completing the deal, especially after the club’s strong summer deals, such as Jordan Henderson, Georginio Wijnaldum, Demarai Gray, Moussa Dembele and Jack Hendry.

Al-Maliki’s contract with Al-Hilal was held for another 3 years, on June 30, 2026, knowing that he was a delegation to the ranks of the leader coming from the Federation for one and a half million euros, according to the global platform Transvir Market.

Figures from Abd al-Ilah al-Maliki’s career
The midfield star made 145 appearances for various clubs (Al-Hilal, Etihad, Unity), during which he scored 5 goals, provided 7 assists for his team-mates, reached 10,119 minutes with the blue team, while receiving 37 yellow cards.

The agreement ended last season in sixth place in the Saudi Roshen League table, with 48 points, and the Knight of El Dahnah is seeking to appear at a distinguished level in next season 2024-25 under Steven Gerrard, and improved his level, knowing that he had only 12 wins last season in the Saudi League.

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