Guinness World Records honored Al-Hilal Club, during its crowning ceremony in Saudi Arabia’s Roshen League, Friday, to achieve his first football team the longest winning streak in the history of the game.
Fahad bin Nafel, president of the club company, and accompanied by Portuguese head coach Georgie Jesus, received a certificate of recognition from the encyclopedia, during the ceremony on the floor of the “Kingdom Arena” stadium in Riyadh.
The Blue Team made history by reaching 34 consecutive victories in all of this season’s tournaments, before the figure was interrupted by a loss to the Emirati Eye 2.4, in the first leg of the ACL semi-finals.

The team surpassed the Welsh Saints’ 27-win streak as the longest previous winning streak in football.
The players first entered, before the minister came, floated the stadium, received tributes from the crowd present, took memorial photographs before the bench, and then honored Guinness, via a representative, the team for 34 consecutive wins in the highest winning streak in the history of the game.
Then, Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki arrived at 09:30 p.m., giving the signal that the coronation ceremony would be counted down.
In the presence of Yasser Al-Mashal, President of the Saudi Football Federation, Abdulaziz Al-Afalek, President of the Professional League, and Omar Mugharbil, Chief Executive Officer of the Association, the Minister began honoring the sponsors of the tournament.
Following the sponsors’ tributes, members of the management of Al-Hilal Company, President Fahd bin Nafel, accompanied by the various organs of the team, and the players, took them to the pitch.
The presenter cheered each player’s voice in conjunction with a light display of his image overhead, as he headed to the podium on the grass.


Salem Al-Dosari, left wing, was the team’s first player up the podium, and the last was Salman Al-Faraj, captain and midfielder.
On the podium, the Minister handled each player a small division of the League Cup, and after everyone was done, the moment came, and Al Furaj handed over the Championship Cup to lift it with his teammates.
The Blue players took turns to hold the trophy and lift it high amidst enthusiastic screams, firing it over the podium, mixed with the roaring mass roar in the stands.
The players’ celebrations on the podium and in the middle of the stadium lasted about 25 minutes, after which they headed the trophy to the crowd for joy.

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