Al-Hilal team issued an official statement on the status of both players Malcom Oliveira and Yasser Al-Shahrani, the team’s duo, before the unit match at the conclusion of the Saudi Professional League.
In his statement on Saturday, Al-Hilal stated that Malcom underwent a treatment session and fitness training in the physical preparation lounge, after feeling knee pain in the folds match.

The Brazilian star malcom was out injured from Thursday night’s clash in the penultimate round of the Saudi Professional League.
The statement did not specify Malcom’s position on the unit game, but the player is likely to be absent, especially since press reports confirmed the intention of coach Georgie Jesus to rest his core stars.

Al-Hilal, the unit’s host, meets on Monday in a match expected to be moved out of Mecca to avoid the expected crowds due to the pilgrimage season.


However, the Brazilian’s stance remains vague to play victory in the final of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup, scheduled for next Friday.

Al-Hilal added in his statement that Al-Shahrani returned to participate in the group exercises today after finishing his qualification program.

Shahrani missed the leader’s last two matches due to injury.

Al-Hilal resumed training today after getting rest on Friday, and is scheduled to conclude tomorrow’s preparations to face the unit, scheduled for Monday.

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