Al-Hilal punishes his star and Al-Ahli awaits radiation

Al-hilal administration is going to impose a financial penalty on Brazilian superstar Micheal Delgado, the first-team soccer wing, for his emotional actions following his replacement in his team’s match against the Gulf, which ended with a blue score of 10, the first of yesterday, in the 10th round of the Saudi Roshen League.

The administration decided to penalize Micheal with a deduction from his salary in accordance with the rules of procedure for players at the capital club, which indicate that financial fines start at 5 percent in cases of resentment after replacement.

The regulation will apply to the Brazilian despite his spectacular appearance following the confrontation, and his assertion that his emotion was an expression of his anger at himself for not presenting the hoped-for level of the match, not protesting against his change. Al-Hilal leads the league with 26 points, three behind Al-taawoun, its closest chasers.

Radiology determines the participation of Al-Ahli duo in front of Al-hilal

In the same vein, French players Saint-Maximan and Ivorian players Kissé of Ahli First Football Team will undergo radiation screening today to diagnose their injuries and determine the possibility of their participation in front of Al-hilal in El Clasico, scheduled for Friday, in the 11th round of the Saudi Roshen League.

The two players suffered two injuries during their team confrontation against the unit on Saturday, which ended with a “3-1” result, as part of the tenth round of the Saudi Roshin League.

Al-Ahly will face His Majesty Al-Hilal at 9 pm on Friday at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh

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