Al-Ittihad in crisis ahead of Saturday's match against Al-Raed

Al-Ittihad is head coach, Marcelo Jairado, is facing a defensive crisis ahead of the upcoming match against Al-Raed in the 18th round of the Saudi Pro League.

According to exclusive sources revealed to “Al-Riyadhiah,” Jairado is eagerly awaiting the results of medical examinations that defender Omar Hawsawi will undergo to determine his availability for the match. Meanwhile, Egyptian player Ahmed Hegazi won’t be able to play due to his name not being registered in the “Roshan” players’ lists.

In the event of Hawsawi’s inability to participate in the Al-Raed encounter, Sulaim Al-Minahli emerges as one of Jairado’s options, as per the same sources.

This defensive setback adds an extra layer of challenge for Al-Ittihad as they prepare to face Al-Raed. It underscores the importance of a solid and well-prepared defensive line, especially in crucial league matches.

The situation emphasizes the need for strategic decision-making on the part of Jairado and highlights the unpredictable nature of football, where uncertainties in player availability can significantly impact a team’s performance. As Al-Ittihad navigates this defensive challenge, the resilience and adaptability of the squad will be put to the test.

In the ever-competitive landscape of Saudi football, managing such hurdles becomes integral to a team’s success. The Al-Ittihad faithful will be closely watching how Jairado addresses this defensive puzzle and guides the team through the upcoming test against Al-Raed. As the 18th round approaches, the spotlight remains on Jairado’s tactical acumen and the collective efforts of the players to overcome this hurdle and secure a positive result.

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