Portuguese manager of saudi al-nassr Luis Castro led his team al-nassr to the nail with three points at the expense of al-taawoun team, after winning it by 1/4, in a match held on the ground of the latter’s stadium on Saturday, and in the nineteenth week competition in the Saudi Professional Roshen League.

With this victory,  luis Castro became the world’s most successful coach to win in 2023, with 52 victories, while overseeing the training of Brazilian club Botafogo in the past, and the “World” team al-nassr saudi at present.

Al-nassr team published in his account on x platform “The leader of the system, who is behind all this fun, Mr. Luis Castro, is the world’s most winning coach for 2023, congratulations to the best coach.” In another post, he said: “Mr. Trainers, Luis Castro.

The Portuguese coach, 62 year, said in a press conference qfter the match, his record in a press conference: “For my number, I thank everyone, my players in Butafogo and here in Saudi al-nassr, because the work they gave made me the most triumphant coach this year.”

He continued: “Anything the coaches achieve is with the help of the players, also I thank all the organs that work with me and the fans.”

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