The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not only made a tremendous breakthrough in the sports sector over the past few years, and seeks to continue hosting Arab and international highlights derby.

The new event that Saudi Arabia is working to host; He is the great Arab derby between Al-Ahli and Zalek Egyptians, in the competition of the Domestic Premier League.

In this context… Press reports revealed details of the Saudi offer; To host Al Ahli and Zamalek matches in the Egyptian Premier League for the current 2023-2024 sporting season.
Saudi Offer; It came after the successful experience of hosting the bipolar meeting in the final of the Egypt Cup, last March 8, at the First Park Stadium in the capital Riyadh. ”

He declared that the Saudi offer; This includes hosting the capital Riyadh, the first round meeting between Al-Ahli and Zamalek, on April 15, 2024, at Al-Nasr “First Park” Stadium.

Reports indicated that the second round match between Egypt’s two giants; It is scheduled to be held at the “Radioactive Jewel” Stadium in Jeddah on June 25, 2024; If the Saudi offer is formally approved.

An official source indicated that Al Ahly Club officially agreed to play against Zamalek, in Saudi Arabia, pending the position of the White Castle.

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