Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, sent a special message to Saudi club captain Cristiano Ronaldo after achieving a historic new achievement.

Ronaldo managed to set a new record for the top scorer in one season (35 goals) in the Saudi League, surpassing Morocco’s Abdelrazak Hamdallah, a striker for the Jeddah Federation, who had held the previous figure since the 2018-2019 season while also a player in al-nasr

Gianni Infantino “fifa president”  posted a photo on his official Instagram account gathering with Ronaldo, commenting: “Congratulations to Cristiano on breaking the Saudi League record for the most goals in one season.”
“He has now achieved this incredible achievement in four different countries during his illustrious career with clubs, a truly remarkable achievement.”

The Portuguese star “39 years old” became the first player to be crowned scorer in 4 various leagues around the world, having done so with Manchester United, Real Madrid, Spain and Juventus, Italy.
Ronaldo, 39, finished top of the Saudi Professional League (SBA) with 35 goals, beating everyone just one and a half seasons after joining the “World” ranks since January 2023.

Ronaldo scored a double, leading victory against the Etihad on Monday, by 4-2, in the 34th and final round of the competition.

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