Salem Al Dosari, the Saudi football  green team’s premier player, participated in group training on Tuesday during the current Camp Lakhdar in Riyadh, according to “sports” sources.
The player had only exercises inside the iron lounge on Monday for feeling muscular pain before joining his teammates in the training session that saw all players participate, according to the same sources.
Salem Al Dusri’s participation constitutes an important moral boost for Italian coach Roberto Manchini, before facing Pakistan on Thursday, at a pavilion stadium in Islamabad, in the fifth round of Asian double qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and 2027 Asian Cup.

The Italian Mancini diversified the training course, which took place on Mehdar’s academy grounds, started with a focus on fitness, and then imposed various tactical training.
The coach will hold a press conference to talk about Pakistan’s meeting on Wednesday, before finalizing his tactical plans during the recent Green training at the match stadium hours after the mission arrived in Islamabad.
The green team mission departs at 09:00 a.m. Wednesday morning with a private plane to Pakistan, in preparation to face its own.
Nawaf al-Dakhil and Mu ‘ab al-Alwan, administratively elected, preceded the mission to Islamabad on Tuesday to arrange for reception and residence.
Saudi Arabia’s team leads Group G with 10 points, while Pakistan’s counterpart tops the standings without points.

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