New financial differences between Moroccan goalscorer Abdul Razak Hamdallah, a striker for the First Al-itthad football team, and the Saudi Cooperation Club threaten to complete the deal during the current summer transfer market.
The Moroccan agreed with Sukari Al Qassim to represent the club next season in a transfer, according to sources of the “Sports Urgent” account on the platform X, June 30.
It revealed to “Sports” private sources that Hamdallah, requesting an increase in his annual salary from 5 million to 7 and a half million, which he receives annually from the Federation, caused disagreement with cooperatives, as well as the polarization program of the Saudi Professional League.
According to the same sources, Saud al-Rashudi, president of al-Qusaimi Club, granted the Moroccan striker and league target twice a salary, amounting to 5 million riyals with the consent of the polarization committee and Hamadullah, before the latter returned, asking for an increase.
The accelerated events between Hamdallah and the cooperation allowed a Qatari club, the last Emirati to re-enter the race, and try to win the player’s approval to attract him in the summer.
According to the sources, it is expected that things will soon be resolved between Hamdallah, the cooperation, the polarization program either by completing the agreement and the final signing, or the departure of Morocco from the Saudi Roshin League.
The striker joined the Etihad in 2022, played for “Dean” for two and a half seasons, played with him for 84 games, scored 67 goals, provided eight crucial assists, secured the league championship, Super Cup and participated in the Club World Cup, and secured the league goal title before last season.
Upon completion of the official contract, this will be the third stop for Morocco’s target in Saudi stadiums, starting his experience with Al-Nasr, representing him in 108 games, scoring 112 goals, creating 24, winning the league title with the capital yellow and the Saudi Super Cup twice.
“Sports” reported on June 5 that FA officials settled on the departure of Moroccan striker Abdelrazak Hamdallah during the summer window, in exchange for the player’s desire to leave the Western club before the preparatory camp.

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