The Saudi Investment Fund has set 3 key goals, during the 2024 summer transfer window.
The Investment Fund is expected to continue pumping out a lot of sums of money over the coming period, with a view to further raising the level of competition in the  saudi  professional Roshin League following last season’s upsurge.

As confirmed by Italian journalist Rudy Galletti via his official account at the X platform, the investment fund aims to kidnap 3 Serie A players in the summer of 2024.
He explained: “The investment fund identified Argentina’s Lautaro Martinez as Inter Milan captain, Nigerian forward Victor Osimhen as Napoli, and Belgian Romelu Lukaku as the Rome star on loan from Chelsea.”

He noted: “However, the issue of Martinez’s departure from Inter is not debatable, while Naples remains committed to Osimhen and will only exceed his services by paying the penalty clause in his contract.”

The Italian transfer journalist considers Romelu Lukaku to be the easiest option for the Investment Fund’s objectives in the summer of 2024.

A few days ago, a press briefing indicated that Chelsea welcomed Lukaku’s departure at the mutual desire of the parties, as the Belgian was tied to a contract that ran until 2026.

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