kingdom Press reports from a source within the Egyptian Football Federation revealed the Al-Ahli-Zamalek Match Stadium in the final of the Egypt Cup, which is scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia” kingdom arena”

“The Egypt Cup final between Al Ahli and Zamalek will be held on Friday 8 March in Saudi Arabia.”

In his remarks, the source continued: “The Al-Ahli-Zamalik match, in the Egypt Cup final, will be held at the Kingdom Arena Stadium.”

The source concluded: “There is correspondence that has already reached Ali and Zamalek to notify them of the scheduled date of the match and in the coming hours all details will be officially announced.”

The kingdom Arena is one of Saudi Arabia’s most renovated stadiums. It opened last week at the Riyadh Season Cup, which included the al-hilal, Nasr and Inter Miami team playing Messi, and entered the Guinness Stadium as the fastest sports builder to be built in a short time.

Schubert explained: “What I heard is that each team will receive $ 100 thousand, the champion will receive $ 350 thousand and the position holder $ 100 thousand, which means that the total prize money will be $ 650 thousand, which is a small figure compared to the value of the historic tournament.

Al Ahli’s former guard concluded: Each mission will have 60 personnel, as well as several accommodation privileges and tickets to attend the meeting at the stadium, stressing that the match will be transmitted via the On Time Sport channel as usual, denying reluctant news about its encryption.

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