Maintenance has caused the First al-hilal Football Team to be crowned in the Saudi Roshen League from the Kingdom Arena Stadium, the theatre of its games, to be transferred to the headquarters of the youth club.
On Tuesday, the Professional League announced the transfer of the al-hilal and tai match within the 33 round, which will be accompanied by the Blue Festival, to the al-shabab stadium.

The Association justified the decision to “refrain from readiness of the Kingdom Arena Stadium, which is still under maintenance”.
The decision by the Competition Department of the Professional League came about 3 days after the Kingdom Arena facility embraced the fire circuit between British Tyson Fury and Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, two boxing stars.
Usyk won the historic landing, combining the heavyweight belts of the four recognized boxing organizations, in an achievement that has not been achieved in 25 years.
After the landing, the facility required maintenance work that did not allow it time to complete in order to receive and celebrate the Crescent match.
The capitalist team officially sealed the title three rounds before the contest ended, and later faced victory at the First Park Stadium, the yellow, drawing 1.
It was decided that the league would be crowned on the sidelines of its game with Al Tai, the last within its stronghold during the current season, knowing that the league would conclude with a meeting with the Unit in the “canons.”
The Kingdom Arena was supposed to host the al-hilal and Tai Match, before the last decision was made to transfer it for maintenance reasons.

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