Brazilian player Malcom has revealed his rapid adaptation to the atmosphere in Saudi Arabia, looking to win all possible tournaments with Al-Hilal, who moved to him during the summer transfer window.

Speaking on a video broadcast by Al-Hilal Club through its official account at the X Social Media Platform, Malcom said 3 months after joining Blue: “Adapt quickly to the atmosphere in Saudi Arabia. People love football, and it’s warmer, so it looked like I’d been here for a year. Most people in the club and the team love laughter and banter, so things became positive, and I am happy here, as well as loved my family in Riyadh so much, which made it easier and more comfortable. ”

The Brazilian star added: “It is an honor for me to help the team in any way, whether at the level of scoring or assists or to do tactical things, most importantly to help the team win, because Al-Hilal has a history based on a culture of winning and winning.”

On the secret of his quick alignment with the team, Malcom replied: “As I said before, I am someone who loves banter and laughter, so the adaptation was easy because there were so many colleagues who exchanged talk and laughter.”

He continued: “It was a privilege to participate in Saudi National Day and wear uniforms, and it was special to learn about new cultures such as Saudi dancing, but it was easy being someone who loved these things in my life constantly.”

On his Al-hilal football, Brazilian Malcom said: “I started with the Corinthians in Brazil, I entered the team at the age of 10, I succeeded in only 3 children out of 100 who applied for the test, I stayed at the club until the age of 16, then I escalated the first team, and then moved to France and me 18 to professionalize in Bordeaux.”

Malcom continued: “Then I moved to Barcelona, and it was a dream for me because many players dream of wearing this team shirt, and then I went to the Russian Zenit team for 4 years until 2023, and then I decided to have a great experience with the crescent right now.”

“Saudi players are very skilled, I feel like they are similar to Brazilians in skill, I see a lot of Brazilian football here Saudi Arabia.

Malcom praised his compatriot Neymar for describing him as his ideal in the stadiums, explaining: “We are closer now, he is a great man with a great personality, who helps me a lot as well as Michel, and we learn from the person most experienced than us, and a great honor to follow him closely and liaise with him in one team.”

The Brazilian concluded by stressing that his main goal is to win all possible titles with Al-Hilal, promising Al-Hilal fans to make every effort to win, and never stop during the next games.

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