Saudi team manager Roberto Manchini announced the Green List in preparation for the fifth and sixth rounds of the second round of the 2026 Asian World Cup and 2027 Asian Cup qualifiers, which included 31 players.

Lakhdar will guest Pakistan on June 6 at Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad, while Lakhdar will host Jordan on June 11 at Al Awwal Park Stadium in Riyadh.

Manager Roberto Manchini list included 31 players to join the camp

whose names were as follows: Mohammed Al-Owais, Ahmed Al-Kassar, Raghd Najjar, Mohammed Al-Yami, Mohammed Al-Absi Ali Lajami, Aoun Saluli, Ali Balehi, Hassan Kadsh, Hassan Timbukti, Ryan Hamid, Mutab al-Warbi, Mohammed al-Brik, Saud Abdul-Hamid, Sultan of Ghanam Abdullah al-Khaibari, Mukhtar Ali, Abbas al-Hassan, Nasser al-Dosari, Mohamed Knowe, Faisal al-Ghamdi, Musab al-Jawair, Salem al-Dossari, Abdulrahman Gharib, Sami al-Najai ‘i Ayman Yahya, Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, Firas Al-Brikan, Abdullah Radev, Abdullah Al-Hamdan and Marwan Al-Shahi.


Lakhdar will set up a preparatory camp in the city of Riyadh, starting next Thursday, with the exception of the players of the al-nasr and al-hilal teams who will join the camp on Sunday, June 2, after being granted leave on Saturday following their spare participation with their clubs in the final of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup

It is worth mentioning that the Saudi team comes in Group VII in the second round of the Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup, as well as Jordan, Tajikistan and Pakistan. Green leads their group with 10 points.

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