Al-Hilal was dealt a blow by striker Aleksandar Mitrovic on Saturday during the victory over Al-Shabaab (4-3) in the 25th round of the Saudi Professional League.
Portugal’s technical director, Georgie Jesus, made a change with Mitrovic’s exit and Saleh’s monthly participation, after the Serb was injured in the 30th minute.

According to the Saudi sports newspaper, Mitrovic is in danger of missing from the victory site, in the semi-final of the Saudi Super Cup, scheduled for 8 April next.

According to the newspaper, the initial diagnosis indicated that the Serbian attacker’s injury was a rupture of the hip rear muscle.

Mitrovic will undergo radiation tests on Sunday to determine the degree of infection and the duration of treatment and rehabilitation.

Risk of absence

The newspaper reported that hind muscle injuries have 3 degrees, the first being minor damage to muscle fibers, not exceeding 5%, in which case the injured player needs to rest, with a qualifying period of one to three weeks from the beginning of treatment.

The second degree resulted in partial rupture, with a treatment period of about 3 weeks, and could extend to six according to the treatment response.

The third degree is the most serious, requiring surgical intervention in the location of the injury, and a rehabilitation period of 3 to 4 months.

For its part, Al-Khabiya-Sport also confirmed Mitrovic’s absence from the Saudi Super Championship, scheduled for Abu Dhabi.

He will also miss two matches with al-hilal, in front of the al-akhdoud and al-khaleej, to account for the 26th and 27th rounds of the Roshin Professional League.

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