Brazilian Neymar found the Saudi crescent star celebrating the titles with little effort during the 2023-2024 season.
Neymar moved to Al-Hilal early in the season from Paris Saint-Germain, in a massive two-year deal, amounting to €90 million, according to press reports.

Al-Hilal, Neymar, presented as one of the most prominent deals in the history of the Saudi League, especially that the Samba star came with several group and individual titles, and is ranked as one of Europe’s leading front-row stars.

Despite the leader’s great aspirations, the injury ended Neymar’s season early, without even getting used to the sensitivity of games in Saudi Arabia.

Last October, Neymar suffered a blunt force injury to Brazil’s team, with a cut to the knee cruciate ligament, which kept him out for about 8 months.
Before the injury, Neymar only made 5 appearances for Al-Hilal in all tournaments, including 3 in the Saudi League, and 2 in the Asian Champions League.

The Brazilian star played a total of 386 minutes and contributed to 4 goals, scoring another 3 ‘s goal and industry.

Neymar faced Riyadh, your inclusion and youth in the Saudi League, Navbakhur and Nasaji in the Champions League.

In contrast, Neymar’s presence at crescent matches was limited to attendance from the honorary rostrum to encourage his teammates.

With the leader, the Brazilian star celebrated 3 local titles, the Saudi Super League and the Khadem Al-Haramain Cup.

According to previous statements by Portuguese head coach Georgie Jesus, Neymar will not start the new season with the team, as he is expected to be ready about a month after the start of the season.

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