ronaldo The Saudi Rushin Professional League (RPL) concluded, which saw excitement until the end, whether in resolving the survival conflict, or equalling and breaking some records.
The last round saw goals in all stadiums, with no negative draw as opposed to the last round, while victory over the Federation (4-2) was the biggest at the tour level.

My target rate

The last round scored 26 goals in 9 games, an average of 2.8 goals per game, a slight increase from the previous round, which saw 24 goals.

5 penalty scores were awarded for 3 goals, while two were missed through Brazilian Fabinho (Etihad), Poland’s Gregors Krishoviak (Abha) and, in both cases, the team that missed the kick.

Ronaldo Number

Cristiano Ronaldo, the star and captain of al-nasr, managed to score a historic record in the number of goals scored during one season in the league.

“Don” rattled the Jeddah Federation twice, reaching goal 35, breaking the previous figure recorded on behalf of Moroccan striker Abdelrazak Hamdallah, who had reached 34 goals.

Deadly Targets

Nearly half of the tour’s goals were scored in deadly time, beyond the 85th minute, including 3 goals in the Victory and Federation match.

While other goals, including the results of matches such as: Win Cooperation on Agreement and Crescent over Unity and Ahly over Fayha, saved the pioneer from loss against your annexation.

Al-hilal and Al-ahli

Al-Hilal finished another and final round unbeaten, maintaining his unbeaten record this season and boosting his distinguished number, beating the unit 2-1 to reach point 96 at the close of the season

Al Ahly reached the highest point in his history in the Pro League by reaching the 65th point, after his victory over Al Fayha with a late goal for the Brazilian Roberto Firmino.

The highest balance reached by Al Raqi was the 2015-2016 league title, with 63 points.

The cooperation resolved the fourth-place struggle with the Federation, the qualifying position for the AFC Champions League 2.

After the cooperation overcame the agreement, while the Union lost from victory, Sakri al-Qassim maintained its presence in the Golden Square and secured new Asian participation.

Hard wins

Only 3 clubs snapped up the away win this round, but it was a valuable win. The crescent defeated the unit to boost its numbers at the top of the standings and maintain its unbeaten record.

Riyadh beat the Gulf (2-1) to ensure survival, which the groove also did in beating Al Tai (2-0).


3 cases of expulsion


The 34th and final round was a witness on the 3 of red cards that were made public in 3 different stadiums.

The Federation’s Swilm Al-Manhali received the red card “Second Alarm” in the face of victory, which happened with Khaled Al-Sabiani, the youth player against Al-Fatah.


The Congolese Marcel Tesrand received a straight red card in his team’s Abha match against Al-Tai, while 34 yellow cards were posted.

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