The conflict over the top scorers of the Saudi Professional League largely reflects the scale of competition for the championship title, with Al-Hilal top of the table and chased by traditional rivals Al-Nasr, as well as Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo at the top and chased by Serbia’s Aleksandar Mitrovic.

World superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of al-nasr, is making steady strides towards imposing his dominance of the Saudi League’s top scorer title in his current version after taking his tally after the Tai match to 26 goals after scoring a hat-trick in the second half of the match.

al-hilal striker Mitrovic scored twice in the first half of the game in front of the al-shabab and took his tally to 22, one goal ahead of the al-nasr captain, who appeared to have sensed the danger of getting close and succeeded in scoring three goals in the tai net to go back to widen the gap between them.

Ronaldo has a great chance of increasing his scoring yield as well as widening the gap with his nearest rivals, especially after Serbia’s Mitrovic injury and farewell to the match field as a result of a muscle injury suffered after scoring the second goal.

In the face of this injury, which has suffered as a scorer and has been absent from a number of games with his team Al-Hilal, the opportunity for Morocco’s Abdelrazak Hamdallah “The Executioner” to step up and get closer to the top, with the al-itthad striker currently attending third place with 18 goals.

Morocco’s three-time top goalscorer, Hamdallah, has a great chance of rising and crowding out Portuguese star Ronaldo. The Moroccan goalscorer’s presence in his team’s recent games has become a major striker currently in the ranks of the al-itthad after the multiple absences of French star Karim Benzema from the team’s representation and ineffectiveness when attending and participating.
The trip of Brazilian star forward Talesca, who scored 16 goals after the injury ended his season and stopped running in the stadiums, was halted, although he was making perfect strides towards competing for the top scorer next to Ronaldo, where Talesca is now in fourth place after Hamdallah’s rise on the list.

The scene is currently confined between Ronaldo at the top of the rankings and being chased by Serbian Mitrovic But the injury may threaten his ability to catch up with the leader of the al-nasr, At a time when the opportunity to rise in front of the al-itthad striker Abdul Razak Hamdallah crowned last season’s top scorer with 21 goals Before that, Hamdallah was twice crowned the goalscorer, the first with a record 35 goals, in the 2018 season – 2019, the second with 29 goals in the 2019 – 2020 season.

Returning to al-nasr star Cristiano Ronaldo has previously embraced the Premier League’s top scorer title while representing Manchester United, the three-time top scorer in La Liga, and the one-time Serie A top scorer, the first player to succeed in achieving the top scorer title in three major European tournaments.

Ronaldo is no stranger to the goalscoring side, having previously held the throne of the world’s top Champions League scorers six times, as well as one time he was partnering with Brazil’s Neymar and Argentina’s Lionel Messi in the 2015 season.

Ronaldo’s scoring career began last season despite the Real Madrid icon coming into the ranks of the capital yellow late in the winter transfer window The Dawn, as he is called, was able to make his mark quickly and scored 14 goals, contributing by finishing fifth with the scorers’ ranking by the end of last season, Abdel Razak Hamdallah was in the lead with 21 goals followed by the Brazilian Taliska with 20 and then the Nigerian Odin Ighalo comes forward for the Crescent team with 19 goals, Al-Fatah striker Firas Al-Brikan came in with 18 goals and Portuguese star Ronaldo with 14.

In the current season, Ronaldo’s scoring indicators began early when he came to the throne of the list of scorers of the King Salman Cup for Arab clubs with 6 goals, a tournament that crowned victory after his victory over the traditional rivals Al-Hilal in the final of the tournament brought together at King Fahd Sports City Stadium in Tafif.

In the Asian Champions League, Ronaldo was making perfect strides on the scorer list, owning six goals, but Victory’s exit and farewell to the major continental competition halted Ronaldo’s ambition and ability to increase his scoring yield on the list that still stands at the top of the Brazilian Taliska with 8 heroes,

Cristiano has not only influenced the level of scoring, but has contributed to the 9 of them in this season’s Pro League tournament, equally with Alvaro Medran, a cooperator, and successor to Algeria’s Riyad Mahrez, a 10-goal player, to become the most industrious to date in the competition.

Ronaldo became the most threatening contributor this season in the league, scoring 26 goals and making 9, i.e. he contributed 35 goals to victory, with a discount of up to 49.2 per cent of victory goals periodically.

Al-Nasr has so far scored 71 goals in 25 Pro League rounds, making Ronaldo’s half share, both at scoring level and industry level, making him the most decisive player in the tournament.

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