Video showing the emotion of al-nasr Club’s Cristiano Ronaldo on the wisdom of Tory Bensou during her run of the “World” match with his al-hilal counterpart on Thursday night sparked controversy on the “X” platform (previously Twitter).

The video showed the Portuguese star fuming at the wisdom of Tori Penso for wrongly reckoning with the rival at the 53rd minute of the game, and appeared to demand her exit from the pitch.

Ronaldo’s 39-year-old face was made famous by the wisdom of Tory Bensou.
Cristiano Ronaldo and his comrades had lost by two unanswered goals in front of Blue Hilly, the latter winning the Riyadh Season Cup title, being the team with the most points on 6 points, with victories over victory clubs and Inter Miami.

Second, Alamy finished with 3 points, winning a 0/6 score over the United States team, which finished third without points.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) published photographs from the al-hial Club’s coronation ceremony. The head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, capped the al-hilal team with the tournament trophy and gold medals, and the saudi al-nasr team with silver medals.

In this context… The sports media Ali Al-Anzi posted a video via his official account at the “X” platform; The reality that gathered Ronaldo and Tori Bensou.

Cristiano Ronaldo appeared in the clip; He demands the “expulsion” of American wisdom, and its exit from the pitch, in opposition to its poor level of derby in his view.

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