A number of international professional players in the Saudi Roshen League were pleased to be professional in Saudi Arabia after the end of the sports season, in which the first al-hilal football team was crowned with 96 points, through an expanded report published by the British Telegraph.
Scotland’s Jack Hendry, the defender of the al-ettifaq team, expressed his pleasure a year after coming to Saudi Arabia, stressing that many of his fellow players had reached out to him to ask about life in Saudi Arabia.
Belgian Fatah defender Jason Denyer endorsed Hendry’s talk through the same report, stressing that Western media conversations about life in Saudi Arabia were completely untrue.

He said: “Life is different from Europe, of course, but when you read what is written in the media, you will find a lot of wrong speech other than what is here. I am comfortable in my place here, and the most important for me is football. ”
Croatia’s Slaven Bilic, the head coach of the Fatah team, who is ranked seventh in the Saudi Roshin League, addressed in the report, entitled “How Saudi Arabia is trying to become the world football summit”, that many factors contributed to his acceptance of the offer of openness, saying: “Everywhere I go, you have to attend three major things, the first is my family going to be comfortable, the second is there a sports project, and finally the material aspects, I’m not naive to not accept a good offer that includes those three factors.”


Bilic stressed the development of the Saudi League and that the feature of this project is sustainability, stressing that the secret to the success of the Saudi Roshen League is that people are very demanding in it, everyone in the club asks us a lot and does not make us in the comfort zone.
He added: “I’m not going to call anyone, but I know some team players thought the league was not too difficult, but he was surprised a month after coming to compete, and he wasn’t going to come for the holiday.”
He added: “In Saudi Arabia there is a great sporting history, and it means a lot to everyone who is here, I don’t know what will happen in 10 years, but they have a chance of reaching a summit they seek, they have all the success factors, namely history, planning, and funding.”

England’s Steven Gerrard, head coach of the agreement team, said that all those who follow the Saudi League this season feel markedly changed.
“I’ve been here for 12 months, the change is obvious, if it continues as it is, the Saudi Roshin League will reach the summit, and I want to be part of that success,” he said.
Nigeria’s Michael Eminalo, sporting director of the Professional League, stressed the reflection of development in Saudi Arabia on what is happening in the Saudi Roshen League.
“The Saudi plans and their implementation are going very fast, one of their implications is the Roshin League, we want to urgently develop the league, but at the same time we want to showcase this development of Saudi Arabia to the world, and I think we have succeeded in that.”

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