On Tuesday evening, the 33rd “Penultimate” round of top-flight competitions concluded. Al Aruba was able to secure roshen  the ascent of the Saudi Professional roshin  League next season, after beating Jabalin for an unanswered goal, maintaining second place with 61 points.

Al Khaloud also booked the third and final qualification card to the League of Lights, after beating hosts Safa by 5-1, to raise his balance to 61 points also in third place, a difference of 4 points from the fourth-placed justice.

Immortality rose for the first time in the history of the Professional  roshin League after 54 years of its founding, while Godfather returns to the League of Lights after 8 seasons of relegation.

Qadisiyah was able to snatch the first promotion cards, having clinched the league title two rounds before its conclusion, sitting 67 points clear at the top of the standings.

In his first season in the first league, immortality secured the survival of another season after finishing 12th, the same as during his second season when he finished seventh.
The third season came completely different, with immortality showing its great determination to achieve what it was unable to achieve in the first two seasons. Despite the stumbling block of starts “tied and lost two in the first three rounds” But he quickly recovered his balance and hit hard to make up for bumping starts, To succeed in achieving the most important goal of ascending to the Roshen League under the leadership of Portuguese coach Fabiano Flora and a formation of foreign professionals, most notably Brazilian goalkeeper Rafael Martins and compatriot Roberto Díaz “Defender”, Argentine Mariano Vázquez “Centre”, and Iraqi Ahmed Yassin “Axis”, In addition to a number of local names, such as Mohammed Sawan “Left Wing” Sultan al-Shahri “left-back”, Saad al-Rashid “right-back”.

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