The summary of roshen leagur,The curtain was brought down on Sunday, on the 18th round of the Saudi Professional Roshen League, with al-wehda beating Riyadh (3-1).

The round saw 34 goals scored at a rate of 3.77 per match, a high rate compared to the 17, which saw a goal rate of 1.87, scoring 15 goals in just 8 games.

The 34 goals came from 13 clubs, where Fayha, Tai, Abha, al-hazm and al-shabab were unable to score, and the al-khaleej,damac, al-hilal, al-ahli and al-akhdood succeeded in coming out with clean sheets.

The round saw 4 red cards al-tai player Bernard Mensah, al-shabab player Nawaf al-Saadi, al-akhdood player André Borka, federation player Mdullah al-Alayan and 37 yellow cards.

Stability for Golden Square

The Golden Box did not know any changes, with Al-Hilal continuing to top the table with 50 points, and Al-Wasaf Al-Nassr with 40 points, having a game in hand against al-itthad.

The al-ahli of Jeddah are third with 37 points, while the al-taawoun has 34 points in fourth place, damac in fifth with 30 points, and the al-itthad in sixth with 28 points.

Ronaldo at the top

Portugal’s   , Cristiano Ronaldo    ,topped the competition’s top scorer with 17 goals, a goal off al-hilal striker Serb Mitrovic, while Cameroon’s George Nkodo has 14 goals.

Ronaldo also tops the list of the top-making players with 9 assists, and Alvaro Midran, the star of the , and Patna, the player of the conquest with 8 assists.

Mitrovic is in second place with 20 and Nkodo third with 18.

For the biggest in damac and folding match that saw 6 cards, also a al-taawoun and opening match that saw the same number.

Special number for Bono

Morocco’s Yassin Bono, the keeper of the al-hilal, continued to lead the list of the most clean-nets guards (11 matches), and was chased by Senegalese Edouard Mendy, the keeper of Al Ahly, who came out with a clean sheet 10 times.

On his part, Saad Al-Sharifa (19 years and 61 days), No. Mohamed Knowe (19 years and 110 days), broke as the al-shabab player in Roshen League history to score two goals in one game

Al-Hilal won 11 consecutive Pro League matches for the first time in its history and became the first team to achieve 50 points from the first 18 encounters in its history, according to the “Roshin League” calculation.

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