The First al-hilal Football Team needs only three point  to win one of the next two rounds in the Saudi Roshen League in order to ensure that the title is achieved with the lowest missing points for a champion in the competition’s history, which took place in the summer of 2008.
In the previous 32 rounds, the 90 Crescent picked up a point, missing only six, with three draws, all with a score of 1, with Al Fayha, your annexation, and finally victory.
The team has two games left, the first against Al Tai, May 23, and the other outside with the unit, 27 of the month.
If one wins, the league will finish with only nine missing points, which is less than the number of points a team has lost during its run to the title, and it can score a better number if the two games are decided for its own benefit, or win the three points, and draw the other.
The team itself has the best figure at this level, losing only 10 points, the 2009-10 season, in which the title was crowned.
Blue has the luxury of wasting two or three points to break this number, and if he loses four, he’ll just equate it.
His successor is on this list, which lost 11 points during the 2008/09 coronation campaign.
The 2016 2017 al-hilal team finished third, losing only 12 points during the coronation trip.
He was immediately succeeded by Al-Nasr, the 20132014 champion, with 13 missing points, the yellow team itself 20142015, the crescent 201020111, the youth 201112012 and the open 20122013, with 14 points each lost during the gold-ended campaign, and after 20152016 with 15 missed points.
The most wasteful champion, al-hilal was the 20202011 season, when 29 lost a point during their successful campaign.

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