The Saudi football team used to win the end of the penultimate stage of the Asian qualifiers to the World Cup.
Lakhdar, who is in the playoffs for the 13th time, is looking for a seventh qualification to the World Cup, leading their group by 13 points, by 3 points against “puberty”.
The Saudis won the final game of the pre-decisive stage in 8 qualifying editions, the first before the “Spain 1982” World Cup and the last before the “Qatar 2022” World Cup.
In two other versions, he lost that match, once to his Iranian counterpart before “Argentina 1978”, and to Australians on the “Brazil 2014” route.
Lakhdar was tied with his Emirati counterpart in the last meeting to calculate the penultimate stage of qualifying for Russia 2018.
In a lone attempt out of 13, the Saudi national team did not reach that stage, leaving its predecessor counterpart, after the United Arab Emirates won it in 1985 in the first Asian qualifying stages to “Mexico 1986”.

Saudi Arabia’s top football team will play Jordan in their 106th game on Tuesday.
They meet at First Park Stadium in Riyadh, among the last round of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup and 2027 Asian Cup.
According to the Saudi national team website, on Tuesday, Lakhdar played 105 matches before, winning 44 of them.

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