Al-Hilal ‘s first-team ball team broke the record for scoring goals in one season with the Métrfer League, which was registered after Ali’s young counterpart won 4-3 in the game. The teams gathered today in the 25th round of the Saudi Roshin League competition.

Al-Hilal scored a hat-trick in the first half in front of the youth and raised his score in the Roshen League in the current season to 75.
Al-Hilal broke the record for scoring goals in one Pro League season, which was set in his name in the 2020-2021 season by scoring 74 goals.
The crescent continued to break records, after squaring up at the top of the world’s most eligible clubs to win extensively.

The al-shabab s first goal was scored by Mesab Al-Jawair in the 2 minute of the meeting. Hilal’s score in the 18 minute of the penalty mark was overtaken by Mitrovic, and less than 10 minutes later Mitrovic scored his second goal and declared the al-hilal ahead.

Before half-time Ruben Neves sends a cross to go to Savic and scores the third al-hilal goal, and as the events of the second half start, specifically in the 56th minute, Saudi international Salim Al DosariTarget 4.

Through Hussein Al-Sabiani, the youth succeed in returning to the meeting and score the second al-shabab goal in the 63rd minute of the meeting. In the 78th minute, the youth player Says scored the third youth goal.

The meeting ended with Al-Hilal winning Ali Al-Shabaab on 4/3. This result flies Al-Hilal on top of the Roshen League with 71 points away from his nearest rivals Al-Nasr, while the youth balance is frozen in 11th place with 28 points.

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