Al-Hilal was crowned the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup, at the expense of victory in the meeting that brought together the two teams with penalties, in the final match of the King’s Cup competition, which was held on the floor of the Radioactive Jewel Stadium.
Aleksandar Mitrovic scored the al-hilal  club’s only goal in the 7th minute of the meeting, and al-nasr levelled the score in the 88th minute through Ayman Yahya with a header that found the net.

The meeting witnessed the expulsion of David Ospina from Al-Nasr Club during the meeting, as well as the expulsion of duo Ali Al-Balehi and Khalidou Koulibaly from Al-Hilal Club, during the match at the Radioactive Jewel Stadium at the present time.
The meeting started with great pressure from Al-Hilal Club, at the beginning of the meeting, to score the first goal in the nets of Al-Nasr Club, and decided the game in his favor early.
In the 6th minute, Sadio Mane missed the first goal of the Al-Nasr club, after the player was singled out for the goal of the crescent, after an impressive pass by Ayman Yahya, but the player’s shot went high.


Aleksandar Mitrovic scored the first crescent goal in the 7th minute after Malcom Filip’s cross, which the Serbian striker met with a superb header that found the net.
Play took place in the middle of the stadium during the first half of the meeting, without posing any danger to the players in the center of the field during the meeting.
Yassine Bono shone in the 35th minute, after Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal was singled out, the leader’s keeper shone, tackling the ball during the course of the meeting.
Yassine Bono returned to shine again in the 43rd minute, after a strong correction, the guard shone for Cristiano Ronaldo’s initial correction and Otavio Monteiro’s second.

The players of the two teams did not succeed in scoring a goal to end the first half with Crescent advancing an unanswered goal.
Club Al-Hilal’s Renan Lodi was injured after his injury during the victory match, and Yasser Al-Shahrani was involved instead of meeting.
In the 47th minute, after a double strike by Cristiano Ronaldo, Yassin Bono stopped her during the meeting.

David Ospina received a red card in the 56th minute after intercepting a goal for the Al-Hilal club, following David Ospina’s sole goal.
The meeting witnessed attempts by the players of Al-Nasr Club to adjust the result, amid the impressive positioning of the players of Al-Hilal Club in the centre of their stadium, and shone by Yassin Bono during the meeting.
In the 87th minute, the meeting was ruled a red card in Ali Balehi’s face, after assaulting Al-Nasr’s Sami Al-Najai, without a ball during the meeting.
Ayman Yahya levelled the score in the 88th minute for Al-Nasr, after a fine throw by Ali Lajami, which Yahya met with a header inside Yassin Bono’s net.

After completing a cross with Walid Abdullah, the meeting referee returned to the red card in the face of the leader’s defender. The second half ended with a positive draw between the two sides.
The extra runs of Al-Hilal’s match against Al-Nasser saw attempts by both sides to score a goal and snatch the title, before reaching the penalty shootout.
Hassan Timbukti missed a goal during the first half of the meeting, after shining by the defenders of Al-Nasr Club during the meeting.
The two teams did not succeed in scoring any goals, ending the two additional halves, with a positive draw and retaining penalties.
The penalty shootout saw exciting strikes, with Ruben Neves missing in the first, before Alex Telles returned to miss again in favour of Al-Nasr Club, before the leader’s goalkeeper Yassin Bono succeeded in tackling the penalty and securing the title of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques trophy.

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