The al-itthad excelled by four goals against a goal, on a special night with the Saudi Professional League Championship.

The al-itthad overcame your inclusion by four goals, this evening, in the meeting they gathered at the Radioactive Jewel Stadium, in the competition of the 33rd round of the Roshin League.

Union quartet Jota, Talal Abu Bakr Haji, Marwan Said, journalist and Farha Ali al-Shamrani scored in the minutes 39, 48, 78 and 87 respectively.
The 33 (penultimate) stage of the competition, which took place on Thursday, resulted in the crescent beating its Tai guest 3/1, its father against its Gulf guest 2/1, the opening of its guest packages with the same result, and the agreement on youth 1/0.


The groove is also tied with Unit 1/1, Al-Fahha with the same result, Riyadh with Al-Nasr 2/2, and the leader with Al-Ahli without goals.

Formation of the al-itthad Against Your Annexation in the Saudi League
Goalkeeping: Mohammed Al-Mahasneh

Defence: Fawaz al-Saqr, Saad al-Moussa, Hassan Kadash, Muhannad al-Shinqiti

Centre: Faisal Al-Ghamdi – N ‘Golo Kante – Awad Al-Nasheri – Ahmed Al-Ghamdi

Attack: Jota – Talal Haji
Al-Nasr hosts Etihad  of jeddah team rivals at Al-Awl Park, in Clasico expected to conclude this season’s 2023-2024 Saudi League.

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