Al-Nasr drew with host Riyadh by 2-2 on Thursday evening in the 33rd round of the Saudi Roshen League.
The victory double carried the signing of Ottavio and Machari Al-Nimr in the 15 and 90 + 7 minutes, while Riyadh’s two goals, Andre Gray and Mohammed Al-Qal in the 26 and 45 + 1 minutes.

Al-Nasr’s balance rose to 79 points in the standings, compared to 32 points in Juba al-Riyadh in 14th place.

Victory started the game offensively, succeeding in scoring an early goal through his Portuguese player Ottavio in the 15th minute.

However, “global” performance declined after progress, in the face of the land owners’ desire to adjust the result.
Cristiano Ronaldo missed a solo chance in front of goalkeeper Martin Campania, striking a fallen shot away from goal.

The punishment for victory came after missed chances, with Andre Gray succeeding in the equaliser in the 26th minute, after Ospina was dribbled away by goalkeeper Ospina.


Before halftime, Mohammed al-Qal managed to score Riyadh’s second goal, from Yahya al-Shahri’s pass.
In the second half, victory intensified his offensive attempts to compensate.

Ronaldo and Mane missed several chances before receiving the shock of Emerick Laporte’s dismissal in the 63rd minute for his assault on Riyadh’s Mohammad al-Thal.

The fugitive cancelled out Ronaldo’s goal for offside in the 85th minute, but the al-nasr attempts continued, until he equalized through the Tiger machines in injury time.

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