Captain Salem Al Dosari awarded the  “green “Saudi national team three new points in the qualifiers in Asia for the 2026 World Cup, after scoring the winner against Tajikistan in the match that brought together the teams at the First Park Stadium in Group G competition.

The Saudi team proceeded steadily towards acquiring the qualification card for the third round of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup and 2027 Asian Cup, after reaching the ninth point alone at the top of the group, five points behind Tajikistan, tied with Jordan, with the balance (4 points) and goal difference with three rounds remaining.

the green  meets Tajikistan’s counterpart again on Tuesday in the city of Dushanbe, and Lakhdar’s victory in that clash means he officially crosses into the third qualifying round.

The list saw the return of Mohammed al-Owais to guard the Saudi Lakhdar after his long absence due to injury. The trio attended Ali Lajami, Ali al-Balehi and Aoun al-Sulli. In the center of the field, Saud Abdul Hamid, Mohammed Know, Mukhtar Ali, Salem al al al al-Dosri and Nusri.

The start carried significant confidence features from Green players, who held the lead towards back-to-back attacks with little risk.

The guest team did not park the defence from the outset and tried to surprise the progress shown by the Saudi team’s defensive line with a rebound that Lagami managed to remove first and then Mohammed al-Owais in two batches
Saleh al-Shahri fell and demanded a penalty, but Mohamed Taqi, the match referee, pointed to continued play as the Green lost chances of a goal.

Attempts at Saudi incursion appeared obvious from the parties and reliance on Saud Abdul Hamid on the right side and Nasser al-Dossari on the left side amid significant support from the rest of the quarterbacks.

Green preference continued to hold the reins of play and seek to break down the away team’s defenses.

Saud Abd al-Hamid set off with a rebound that penetrated into the box and struck it past the guard and was on its way to the net, but it hit Tajikistan’s defender’s hand and Singapore’s Thaqi al-Din did not decide anything, amid great Saudi anger.

It was only a few minutes until Salim al-Dosari led an attack in the middle of the field and succeeded in approaching the Tajik penalty area and struck a powerful ball that found the net as a Saudi first goal in the minute 2

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