The Saudi team officially qualified for the decisive round of the “third stage of the Asian joint qualifiers and qualifiers to the 2026 World Cup and 2027 Asian Cup”, drawing with the hosts Tajikistan with a view to representing them in the fourth round of the second qualifiers.

Lakhdar failed to maintain its lead with the goal of Persian Persian, who came at the beginning of the first half of the game, to postpone their qualification towards the third round of the qualifiers until the fifth round, to be held next June, as Lakhdar met Pakistan and Jordan.

The Saudi team reached the tenth point at the top of the group and remains at least one draw if it is to qualify, while Tajikistan has raised its tally to five points, keeping its hopes and luck in contesting one of the two qualification cards.

Italy’s Roberto started the head coach of the Saudi team with a different list from going for three absences: Saud Abdul Hamid, Ali Balehi and Nasser Al-Dussari, as well as two changes made by the coach at the technical level to make the back-to-back list look like five different players.

Mohammed Al-Owais continued his presence in goalkeeping, before him Ali Lajami, Aoun Al-Sulli and Hassan Kadesh. Who replaced Ali al-Balehi, while the duo Mohammed al-Baryak and Ayman Dielin attended Saud Abdul Hamid and Nasser al-Dosari, In the middle of the field, the trio of Mohamed Know, Mukhtar Ali and Salim al-Dosari continued to attend. In the forefront, Mancini became a duo of Abdullah Radev and Perakan after attending the previous match, Saleh al-Shahri and Abderrahman Gharib.
Tajikistan were equalised by substitute Suirov ten minutes before the end of the meeting after getting a cross in which the defensive control was not present, to confront Suirov’s goal and inhabit the ball in the net of Mohammad al-Owais.

This goal broke the clean sheet of the green after the three games played in the second stage of qualifying.

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