Al-Taawoun Club Stadium

استاد نادي التعاون
Ent. Ring Road (North)

Al-Taawoun Club Stadium:

Al-Taawoun Club Stadium, located in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia, is a prominent stadium primarily used for football matches. It serves as the home ground for several football clubs, including Al Taawoun FC, Al Raed FC, and Al-Hazem F.C., all competing in the Saudi Professional League. With a seating capacity of 34,000 spectators, the stadium offers a dynamic and spirited atmosphere for fans.

This sports in Al-Taawoun Club Stadium facility holds historical significance, with its inaugural match taking place on 24 December 1982. The match featured Al Taawoun FC and Al-Tai, part of the 1982–83 Saudi First Division League. The game ended in a 1–1 draw, and an interesting detail is that the first official goal scored in the stadium was an own goal by one of Al-Tai's defenders. The match drew an enthusiastic crowd of 10,000 spectators.

Al-Taawoun Club Stadium remains a bustling hub for sports enthusiasts, continuously playing host to a diverse array of football events and matches. Its enduring significance extends far beyond Buraidah, serving as an iconic pillar of the Saudi Arabian sports landscape. With its state-of-the-art facilities and the passionate support of fans, the stadium embodies the essence of unity and competition. This iconic venue stands as a testament to the nation's unwavering commitment to the world of sports, providing a stage where athletes, both local and international, can shine and inspire generations to come. As it continues to evolve and thrive, King Abdullah Sports City remains an essential cornerstone in the heart of Saudi Arabia's sporting legacy.
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