German head coach Matthias Yessele told Al-Ahli that achieving third place in the Saudi Professional League was not easy at all.

Al-Ahli officially qualified for the elite Asian Champions League next season following the team’s win against Abha by five against a goal in the 32nd round of the Saudi Professional League, which raised its tally for 61 points in third place.

Yassel spoke at the post-match press conference: “A well-deserved victory, we dominated over 90 minutes, we did a lot of good cases at the reverse pressure level, proud of the players going on was not easy.”

He added: “Many people weren’t expecting us to finish third, it wasn’t easy at all.”

In response to the question about his aspirations for next season after ensuring participation in the Asian elite, he said: “Our aspirations with the fans are very big for next season and I realize that, this season we have provided a great season with the fans, after this victory we start preparing for next season.”

He went on to say: “I attended a long-term project that will yield results over time.”

On his future with the Group, he said: “It’s not the first rumour that my future has been quoted by the press and linked to other clubs, I have a principle that I don’t talk about it in the media.”

“Vega is a wonderful talent, recently joined training, but we did not prefer to risk it, and we suffered from his absence in the past,” Yassel concluded at the press conference.

For his part, South African manager Petsu Musimani said: “What is important is to stay in the league we still have a chance to do that. Today we encountered a strong team and we cannot compare ourselves to the Ahli team.”

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