Al-Ahli hosts his counterpart Al-Faiha at 9 p.m. Monday at the end of the current edition of the Roshen League.
Al-Ahli enters third place in the competition table with 62 points, 6 points ahead of the fourth-placed cooperation and 17 points off the runner-up victory.
Al-Ahli wishes to return to the winning route and conclude his season with a victory after a negative draw last round against his leading counterpart.
This will be confronted by the ambition of Al-Fayha players to return to the winning route after the absence of 3 rounds; He drew with the aim of appearing before the cooperation in the previous round and with the same result before joining you after the draw with two goals to appear before the opening.
Al-Fayha enters the eighth place in the table with 44 points, one ahead of the seventh-place opener and 3 points behind the ninth-placed youth.
So the game will not affect the ranking of the team in the competition table, but at the end of the season Al Fayha players want a win.
Al-Ahli First Football Team (AHL) is missing the efforts of Algeria’s Riad Mahrez and France’s Alan Maximan to confront Al Fayha on Monday, according to “sports” sources.
Mahrez suffers from a bruise, which kept him out of action during last Major’s encounter, while Maximan tore his rear muscle, preventing him from playing in the last two rounds.
On Saturday, the team intensified its preparations to meet Al Fayha in the 34th and final round of the Saudi Rushin League with a training quota under German coach Mathias Yassele, who initiated it with fitness exercises, and then imposed exercises that varied between tactical and recreational.
Immediately after the training, the players went to a Jeddah restaurant for dinner accompanied by members of the technical and administrative staff, Britain’s Ron Gurley, the club’s chief executive, and Welsh sports director Lee Congerton.
The Ahlawi team is third with 62 points, while Al Fayha is eighth with 44 points.

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