Portuguese head coach of al-nasr Luis Castro is considering taking on the Riyadh team next Thursday, with most of the essentials, and relieving many of them in front of the al-itthad, in the last rounds of the Saudi Roshin League, to rest them before the al-hilal title competition for the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques trophy, according to “sports” sources.
al-nasr lost the title race, which had gained “blue” on Saturday before last, but secured the description, playing rounds 33 and 34 motivated by an increase in the number of points and goals.
After the conclusion of the league, the team is preparing to meet Crescent, its traditional rivals, in the Copa del Rey final.
As a result, Castro tends to play “Clasico” with the Etihad, Monday after next, with a majority of the reserves, to give the essentials more rest before the cup-clinching derby.
After the two sides tied the final on Friday, 1, to account for the 32 round of the league, “Yellow” earned rest Saturday, resuming training Sunday at his stadium.
Winger Abdul Rahman Ghraib, returning from a muscle injury, showed that he was ready to enter the fixture rosters and went through the entire training session.
The winger, Ayman Yahya, was absent and, inside the club’s clinic, underwent a scan after suffering a muscle lift in front of the crescent.

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