Gracie Benzema, brother of French star Karim Benzema, responded to reports that the former Real Madrid striker, unhappy within the ranks of the Saudi al-itthad, is seeking to leave the Tigers, coinciding with the approaching end of the season and the approaching start of the opening of the summer transfer window.

Benzema had a delegation to the al-itthad in the summer of 2023, after the end of his contract with Real Madrid, and many described the transfer of the player winning the Ballon d’Or in 2022 as one of the most important deals for Saudi clubs last summer, but this deal is not going well, increasing the chances of Karim Benzema’s departure next summer.

Spanish press reports have stated over the past few hours that Benzema is remorseful and frustrated during his experience with the Jeddah Federation, compared to what he was at Real Madrid, and that he intends to move to another club this summer.

But Gracie Benzema soon came out, via his official Instagram account, to deny those matters, and attached a photo of his brother Karim to the Union T-shirt commenting: “Fake”, referring to the incorrect news reported by the Spanish media.
The French striker suffers from a crisis of distrust with the federation he joined on a free transfer after the end of his contract with Spanish giants Real Madrid, where Karim Benzema missed 4 penalties with the federation this season, and he scored two goals by mistake in his own ACL and Saudi Roshen League.

Great suffering with Karim Benzema with al-itthad
The former Rial star came under considerable public and media criticism at the al-itthad Federation before making strong statements, during which he said he could not lead the team to wins alone.
The injuries caused Benzema’s numbers to drop dramatically this season, missing 21 games due to injuries and his crises with former Brigadier General Nuno Espirito Santo and Marcelo Gallardo, the team’s current head coach, only participating in 29 games in various contests, scoring 13 goals and providing eight assists.

Benzema has played at Real Madrid for 14 consecutive years (2009-23), and the French striker has doubled in importance with “Meringue” during his last years as a team; He held the armband and led Rial to the crowning of important tournaments headed by the Champions League title, and was also crowned with the Hit Award

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