The Disciplinary Committee has officially fined Al-ahly Club 220 thousand Riyals (SAR) over the past period, on the back of the team’s fans during the past period in the Roshen Professional League competition.

The official account of the Disciplinary Committee was published through its official account: “According to what happened by the fans during the al-nasr match, and the injury of 5 players by the world during the past period, the Committee decided to impose a financial penalty of 220 1,000 riyals, in addition to the team playing an out-of-goal match.

The Disciplinary Committee decided to deny the public attendance in the upcoming game with the closure of the entire stadium besides fining the club (220,000) 200 thousand riyals for the account of the Saudi Football Federation.

In an official statement on Wednesday, the Disciplinary Committee referred to the suspension of the penalty in section III for a period of (4) four months from the date of notification of this decision. The suspension of the penalty in section IV should be abolished in the event of any misconduct contrary to article IV by the public. (51) of the Regulation of Discipline and Ethics, and the penalty automatically becomes effective in the first game of the Ahli Club at home

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