Everyone around the world, not just the Arab fans, is awaiting the start of the 2024 mercato summer transfer market in the Saudi League under the policy of attracting the best soccer stars to the Roshin League spanning the last two years.

The real start of the ambitious Saudi project was to bring Cristiano Ronaldo in the winter mercato of 2023 to victory, and then the major deals did not stop after that, specifically in the summer of 2023, perhaps most notably the assignment of the duo Karim Benzema to the Federation and Neymar to the crescent.

The approach of Saudi League clubs to signing the best players from around the world will also continue in the summer of 2024, not only the quartet currently owned by the Saudi Investment Fund, but also other clubs such as the Agreement, Niyom, Qadisiyah and others.

Indeed, rumours do not stop chasing potential deals for Saudi clubs. For example, Al-Hilal is reportedly in the process of including one of the world’s most prominent stars, Rafael Liao, for nearly 100 million euros from Milan, while Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson has been linked with joining Victory and Etihad.

When is the start of the summer transfer market 2024 in the Saudi League?
The Saudi Football Federation announced that the Roshin League clubs as well as the Yellow League will be able to restrict their new summer deals from July 18, 2024.

Before them, clubs have the right to negotiate and complete their agreement with the players since the beginning of the summer as is customary, but the registration period, or by a more accurate word, the market opening date specifically kicks off on July 18, 2024.

When is the end of the summer transfer market 2024 in the Saudi League?
The end date of the Saudi League summer transfer market always causes a crisis for European clubs, always coming days after the end of Mercato on the Old Continent, sometimes causing European clubs to lose their stars without the ability to make up.

Under Europe’s vast demands that Saudi Mercato end date be like the European date, the Saudi Federation has acquiesced to the idea and decided that the summer market in the Roshin League will end on September 2, 2024.

But in the Yellow League, the market will remain extended until September 12, which is not a good news for European clubs, especially as Saudi second-tier clubs also have huge potential and work to consolidate themselves with the best possible solutions.

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