Soon Abha and al-akhdoud were officially on the edge of relegation to the Yellow League after their balance was frozen off the 29 point in the 16th and 17th places following the end of the 32 round of the Roshen League.
Abha received a heavy loss at the hands of Al-Ahli while the groove tied with the agreement and came close to inflicting a large proportion of the packages that were officially relegated to the Yellow League after Roshen s 20-point degradation.
There are still other selfish 4 in the hazardous area and it has not yet been decided that it remains in the Roshin League, headed by the 31-point Tai, who is in 15th place, and Riyadh, the fourth-place Riyadh, with the same balance of points.
Both the Unit and the Major remain under threat of relegation after reaching point 35 in the Roshen League and determining their fate during the remaining two rounds.
The 11th-placed Gulf had secured survival in the Roshin League after reaching 37 points.
The Saudi League has many soccer stars, notably Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, giving the competition fierce competition for the title and elite AFC Champions League places.
Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr participated in the AFC Champions League elite 2024-2025, as the first and second places in the season, and are likely to be accompanied by Al-Ahly to the competition, where they need only 3 points from 3 games to secure third place in the Roshen League 2023-2024.

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