10 teams enter the 33rd round of the Saudi Roshin League motivated by only increasing the number of points or improving positions, while the other eight are in the struggle to avoid relegation and snatch fourth place.
The nine round matches take place simultaneously, and kick off at 09:00 p.m., at the competition’s penultimate stop.
After al-hilal sealed the title, excitement in the top half of the table is limited to the fourth-place race, qualifying for the 2 Asian Champions League and Saudi Super Cup.
The al-taawoun, which occupies the Centre, is confronted by its host Al Fayha, and is pursued by the Federation, which hosts your annexation.

If Sukari Al-Qassim triumphs, the ranking box will be completed before the last round, scheduled for next Monday.
In the bottom half of the table, six clubs are struggling to escape the remaining two landing spots, after confirming the return of the Packers to the top flight as last-placed finishers.
Two teams are attached among Abha, Groove, Riyadh, Tai, al-itthad and Major. The best to stay is the pioneer and the unit, which each needs one point from rounds 33 and 34.
The penultimate tour includes the clashes of Al-Hilal with Al-Tai, Riyadh with Al-Nasr, Abha with Al-Gulf, Al-Gudud with Al-Unity and al Each of them has a connection to the survival struggle, especially the groove and loneliness match.
In two other confrontations that will only improve positions and increase points, agreement with young people and openness play with packages.

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