Watch the best goal in the 22nd round of the Rushen League

Saud Abdulhamid’s goal for Al-Hilal has been crowned as the standout moment of Matchday 22 in the Saudi Professional League, winning the majority of votes in the weekly poll for the best goal.

Announced by the official Saudi Professional League account on the “X” platform, Abdulhamid’s goal in the classic encounter against his former club, Al-Ittihad, captured the hearts of fans as the top pick for the round…..

Abdulhamid’s goal, crafted through an impressive individual effort as he skillfully maneuvered past defenders before calmly slotting the ball into the net, secured 44.3% of the total votes from 503,972 participants. This edged out competition from French star Alan Saint-Maximin’s for Al Ahli against Al Fateh, which garnered 40.9% of the votes, and Al Ittihad’s Angola Kanté’s strike against Al Hilal, which received 14.8% of the votes.

The goal not only highlights Abdulhamid’s prowess on the field but also serves as a testament to the thrilling and competitive nature of Saudi football.Which strengthened his position as one of the distinguished players in the league.

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