Jeddah’s al-Ahli fell into the negative tie trap against his leading counterpart, during the match they gathered on Thursday in the 33rd round of the Saudi Professional League.
As a result, Al-Ahli raised his balance to 62 points in third place in the Saudi League table, while Al-Major raised his balance to 36 points, in 12th place.

The game began with a serious attack on Al-Ahly’s players, in the first seconds, where Feras Al-Brickan missed a goal opportunity in front of the goal, which the leading guard intervened to save.
Al-Ahli also missed a new opportunity in the 15th minute, after a shot on target through Peras al-Brickan from the boundary of the box was dispersed by the Major’s defence.


The 16th minute saw a major’s team goal scored by Mohamed Fuzir, but the referee overturned it for offside.

A dangerous opportunity came for Ahly (29), after a shot by Roger Ibanez’s header from inside the box, but passed next to the right post.

The major scored a second goal, in the 31st minute, through Karim al-Barkawi, but the referee refused to count it because there was also an offside.

Al-Ahli continued the run of goalscoring goals, after Roger Ibanez missed a goal opportunity (41), after he headed from inside the box, but collided with the leading players’ defence.

The 59th minute saw Ahly miss a realized chance with a shot at goal through Demiral, who headed from inside the box, but raised the bar.

In the 68th minute, Edouard Mendy saved Ahli’s goalkeeper from an investigative goal for the major’s team, after he cleared a dangerous ball into the box.

In contrast, Major Ahmed al-Harbi’s keeper, in the second minute of injury time, managed to clear a dangerous ball to the Ahli players, inside the box after a cross from Ziad al-Jahani.

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