The Saudi team al-ahli of Jeddah  received professional offers for three players in the team, namely Spain’s Gabriel Vega, France’s Saint-Maximin and Turkey’s Merih Demiral.
Italian transfer news journalist Rudy Galiti noted that the vigilante administration had already rejected Vega’s departure offer as the nucleus of the Saudi club’s future team project.

He added on his X account that club officials were simultaneously considering offers for the departure of Saint Maximin and Demiral, particularly the latter, who had been a candidate for departure since the end of last season.

Reports have already indicated German manager  of al-ahli team Matthias Yeselh’s desire to make extensive adjustments to his team’s list for the new season.

Those modifications may extend to the departure of some players such as Saint-Maximin, who did not offer the best form in the Ahli shirt sufficient to score 4 goals and make other 10 last season.

Vija, returning from injury, is one of the players the manager is betting on in the new season, with the team not benefiting enough from the 21-year-old Spaniard last season because of his injury.

While Demiral is at a good level at Euro 2024, he does not remain a staying candidate as Yassel seeks to bring a new player into his position.

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