The al-itthad of Jeddah Club sent a farewell message to their star goalkeeper Marcelo Grohi, and striker Romarinho, after the decision to leave the team, where the “Brigadier General” is in his last game of the season at his stadium.
The al-itthad receives your guest for the 33rd round of the Saudi Professional Roshen League, where Romarinho will be present in the expected formation, while Grohi, who suffered an injury earlier, is absent.

Through its “X” account, the al-itthad published two farewell messages stating: “” Peace of Rome.. For 6 years I have been a star in the skies of Jeddah as a leader in Jewel, a legend of the Union “.


He continued: “With every goal you scored you inscribed your name into the hearts of everyone from the fans of the Dean, and with every assist you affirmed your legend within all of us, your dedication, passion and effort, everything you were delivering in the field was the focus of our love and adoration from your first day to the present day.”

He added: “Thank you Rome for everything you have given to the al-itthad Club and its fans, thank you for every sweat point you have made in Jewel or in the Kingdom or even in the stadiums of Asia, thank you as much as you are pleased with the hearts and the breasts will remain part of the Dean’s history as long as. We will keep your family forever. ”

“Dean” continued his message: “Not goodbye. The union of your home that is happy to see you and his audience is the back where you see Hamak we always see you fine.. Fédération Club, its players and its fans “.

In a letter to Guard Grohi, the Federation said: “It is difficult to disperse the greatest glove holder, to the guard who has always defended the den with everything he possesses to the symbol that has always been the safety of the goal of the Union, to the tiger who has been decisive for 5 years with his saves, to you, Grohi salute and after.”

He went on: “We would just like to thank you for what you gave the Dean for every moment you showed us your passion and our security in winning thanks to your dedication and every match you left something of your legacy.”

He concluded: “Our hearts are always grateful to you as much as those memories you created behind you and as much as all the days we spent together.. With our constant love and great appreciation.. al-itthad Club, its players and its fans “.

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