On Wednesday, the Saudi Professional League of Roshen announced that Morocco’s Yassin Bono had won the award for Best Keeper in the Saudi League for the 2023-2024 season, after a remarkable career with the crowned al-hilal.
Bono defended the al-hilal in 31 games, blocked 62 shots, having the best save rate he faces among all guards who played more than 10 games, at 75%, and conceded only 20 goals during that period.

The Moroccan goalkeeper has the best rate of scarcity of receiving goals among all guards who have played more than 10 games, an average of 0.64 goals per game.
Bono went out of his own goal to cut the ball or keep it out of rivals on 14 occasions, and succeeded in nullifying the gravity of all the attacks that called him out of his own goal, the highest exit among guards who achieved 100% in keeping the balls out of rivals.


Bono held the ball tightly with both hands 17 times, and only dropped the ball once, a very small number among the rest of the rivals. He also used his fist (punching) to keep 11 balls off his goal.

The Moroccan guard won the best guard of the month 3 times, the highest number of all guards, in October, November 2023 and February 2024.

Bono also entered the final list for the FIFA World’s Best Goalkeeper Award, which was held in January 2024.

Bono kept a clean sheet in 15 league games, equally with Senegalese goalkeeper Edouard Mendy of Jeddah.

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