Salem Al-Dosari, the wing of the first Saudi national football team, missed group training on Monday, merely exercising inside the iron lounge according to private sources that stressed to the “sports” his safety from any injury.

The Falcons conducted a training session in the evening, which began with the fitness aspects, and then the coaching staff divided them into pairs, and each player demanded that the ball be exchanged with his fellow foot and head without falling to the ground.
He then distributed them into two sets, directing them to play the ball from one touch.
According to sources, Italian coach Roberto Mancini devoted technical training to defenders on a separate area of the stadium.

This was in conjunction with the  salem Dussi’s performance of solitary exercises by stationary bike in the physical preparation lounge.
In the morning, the same player underwent fitness tests accompanied by 19 of his colleagues, inside the accommodation hotel.
On the other hand, it was decided to take off the Lakhdar mission at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning, via private jet, to Pakistan, to face its team the following day.
Saudi Arabia coach Roberto Mancini has ruled out Ayman Yahya from the national team squad before playing two matches in the 2026 World Cup football qualifiers this month due to injury.

The Saudi team said on the X platform in a brief statement on Monday that Mancini had ruled Yahya out “on the basis of the medical report submitted by the medical organ of the team and his need for a treatment program and in accordance with the established procedures, this has been lifted for his club.”


Yahya had private exercises in the gym with the Saudi team on Sunday, along with his colleague Sultan al-Ghanam.

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