The al-ahli Jeddah Team ended its campaign in the Rushin Saudi Professional League 2023-2024 by beating Al Fayha for an unanswered goal on Monday evening.
He scored the game’s only goal, Roberto Firmino, in the 85th minute, after following a rebound from the Fayha keeper following a powerful header from Al-Ahli defender Demiral.

al-Ahli of jeddah ended his campaign in third place with 65 points, while Al Fahia came ninth with 44 points.

The game began with pressure from both sides, until Al-Ahli scored in the 7th minute, the match referee canceled it for the offside of Roger Ibanez.

Al-Ahly almost scored in the 11th minute after a dangerous shot at goal through Ryan Hamed, dispersed by Al-Faiha’s defence.


Al-Ahly scored a second goal in the 19th minute, which was also overturned by the referee for the offside of forward Faras Barricaan.

In the 22nd minute, Al-Fayha’s Sultan Mendish dribbled, Al-Ahly defending inside the box, but goalkeeper Edouard Mendy deflected the ball brilliantly.

Al-Ahly professional Firmino failed to translate a dangerous opportunity into the Al-Fayha penalty area in the 26th minute, after receiving the ball but dispersed by the rival’s defence.

The 30th minute saw another dangerous opportunity for Ahli players, after a shot through Samihan Al-Nabit from inside the box, towards the goal but was dispersed by Al-Fayha’s defence.

A dangerous chance for the parents came in the 39th minute, through Ziad al-Jahni with a strong record inside the box, but the ball passed next to the right post.

The 50th minute saw a dangerous chance for Al Ahly, after a powerful shot through Roger Ibanez heading into the box, but was blocked by Fayha Benjaj’s goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic.

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