The al-itthad of Jeddah  continued its disappointing results, receiving a new loss from hosts Al-Nasr by 4-2 on Monday evening at the end of the Saudi Professional Roshin League.
The Brigadier General ended his campaign in fifth place with 54 points, leaving with a zero season in which he failed to achieve the titles and win the big clashes.

The al-itthad also lost its chance to compete in the Saudi Super Cup next season.
The al-itthad failed to win against top teams this season, leading by 7 losses against Al-Hilal in all domestic and overseas leagues.

The 14 al-itthad played a game against top teams this season in 5 tournaments: the Saudi Roshen League, the Asian Champions League, the Arab Championship, the Saudi Super League and the Club World Cup.

 Roshin league

The al-itthad lost to the Jeddah parents twice by the same score of 1-0, and from al-hilal twice by 3-4 and 3-1.

The Yellow and Black team also stumbled against the youngsters twice with a 0-1 and 1-3 defeat.

In addition, the al-itthad  was defeated against victory back and forth by a 2-5 result and then 2-4.

Hilal Series

Etihad were beaten by Crescent twice by 0-2 back and forth, in the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League.

The brigadier also lost to the leader in the quarter-finals of the Arab Championship “King Salman Cup for Champions Clubs” by 3-1.

In the Saudi Super Diriyah Cup final, he lost to blue rivals 1-4, then defeated the leader in the 1-2 Copa del Rey, completing the seven-defeat streak against Al-Hilal.

Global Defeat

The dean also received a well-deserved defeat against Al-Ahli Egypt by 1-3, in the quarter-finals of the Club World Cup in Saudi Arabia.

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