As the eyes of the world and football fans head to German stadiums starting next Friday, as Europe’s teams compete for the title of the ancient continental championship, the fans of Saudi roshin clubs await what their foreign professional stars will offer at the football forum. The Saudi League represents 14 players through 11 teams.

The Saudi League is ahead of the number of players participating in the Portuguese League with 12 players, the Belgian League with 11 players, the Scottish League with 8 players and the League with only 7 players.
The Premier League leads the leagues with 97 players participating in the tournament, the Serie A with 91, the German with 76, the Spanish with 56 and the French with 28.

From the Saudi League there are stars “in the Portuguese team of victory captain Cristiano Ronaldo, al-hilal player Ruben Neves, and in the Serbian team there is the duo of Crescent Mitrovic and Savic, Romania has a player who included Stancio, and groove player Borca.”

With the Netherlands, there is Club Accord player Wijnaldum, La Port is a victory player in Spain, France is a Club Federation player in Kante, Turkey is a defender in Demiral, and Georgia is a Club Groove player in Kverkvilya.
With Scotland there is an agreement club player Hendrick. Croatia includes Club El-Nasr Prozovic and Belgium Carrasco, with 14 players from 8 clubs, 3 from the Crescent, 3 from the Victory, 2 from the Groove, 2 from the Agreement, 1 from Inclusion, 1 from the Federation, 1 from Al-Ahliya and 1 from the youth.

The Saudi League will once again be the focus of the world’s attention, when the wheel of deals begins to turn again in the coming days, marking the launch of the summer “mercato.”
Nigerian Sports Director Michael Eminalo believes that “the Kingdom seeks to become an incubator for exceptional players. The ambition now lies in providing a premium product to launch, and that the product is private and a special arena to be any player is very exceptional.”Eminalo expressed the aspirations of Saudi clubs in the upcoming transfer market, in a recent dialogue with the British newspaper Telegraph, which gives the idea that the summer transfer market in the Saudi League will be no less heated than its predecessor last year.

Recent press reports have been frequent on players nominated for the transfer to Saudi clubs, most of them international and high-level.

Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku, a Chelsea loanee last season, is one of the candidates to move to the Saudi League.

Lukaku was about to sign the Saudi crescent last summer.

The player said in remarks to the British newspaper The Telegraph that he may be thinking again about signing for a Saudi club, where the termination of his contract from his English club is worth about 37 million euros, which would bring him closer to Saudi stadiums.

Lukaku’s Belgium team-mate, Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne, is also on track for the Saudi League, and the player said he is open to playing in Saudi stadiums, making the most popular journalist in the transfer world, Fabrizio Romano, confirming the readiness of a Saudi club to make an offer to Bruyne, reports likely to be the cresCrescent.

De Bruyne’s City team-mate, Brazilian international goalkeeper Ederson, will also be a target for the Saudi Federation club, which is seeking to support the goalkeeping position in preparation for the new season, with The Athletic revealing that Ederson was due to renew his contract with Manchester City, but the keeper is still considering a Saudi offer he reached earlier.

Other reports said that it was Al-Nasr FC who were interested in getting Ederson’s services, and might also turn their sights on Argentina’s Emiliano Martinez, Aston Villa keeper.

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